Grape and Blackcurrant on Ice

This is a must try for anyone who loves dark fruits and the shiver of a cooling E-Liquid. It is a simple combination but so many of the best ones are. The grape is a classic sweet, slightly tangy red grape. The surprise comes from the interaction between the vibrant, punchy blackcurrant and the edge of ice. An extremely refreshing summer vape.


Salted Caramel Custard

If your a fan of custards, this is the flavour for you! King Kustard is rich and smooth with hints of vanilla at just the right ratio giving it a silky texture. That is underlined by a definite taste of salted caramel making the whole experience perfect for anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth.


Fruit Loop Milkshake

Loopshake has it all. The fresh, creamy richness of a vanilla milkshake with the utterly unmistakable tangy trill of Fruit Loops. This one is a blast from the past for anyone who grew up eating these before school every day, and an intriguing new experience for anyone who never did. Vibrant fruit overtones, a truly creamy milkshake undertone.


Murray Mint Milkshake

If you’ve never had Murray Mints I’m not sure we can really describe this for you…and if you have, I hardly need to. The fresh, clean taste of mint stays with you all through this unique taste experience, but that is just the beginning, this is not only a classic sweet, its a Murray Mint layered on top of a smooth creamy milkshake!


Guava, Tangerine and Blue Raspberry on Ice

As refreshing as an icy tropical drink on a hot day. The flavour profile of this eLiquid is bursting with an unusual mixture of blue raspberrysubtle guavaand a very tangy tangerine. Better still, it is all underlined and amplified by the cooling effect. It’s intense, but well-rounded enough to become an all day vape very easily.