Welcome to Vape-Mail Wholesale

Home of the UK’s #1 E-Liquid subscription and Gorilla Juice!




What is your MOQ?

Our Minimum order quantity on E-Liquids is 50 bottles – This can be any mix of flavours, Gift Cards MOQ is 5.

How do I order?

Head to our order form and as soon as we have your order we will send over an invoice over and start processing your order!

Who can make a wholesale user?

Any Vape Shop, Distributor or Online store is more than welcome to sign up!

How long does delivery take?

This will vary slightly depending on order size and stock levels but we expect to deliver any wholesale orders within 5 working days, We will of course keep you informed with delivery times.

Can I login using my VapeMail account?

No, Wholesale accounts require a seperate registration

Do you provide any point of sale items?

Yes, we can provide posters and flavour menus – Stands for the Gift cards coming soon!